2 December 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

On Sunday 30th November, we had the family over to enjoy our traditional Thanksgiving dinner together....On our newly finished patio!! It was wonderful, 20 people and still heaps of room...the breezes were wonderful and the space is amazing. The company was great too! Here are some of the pics from the night:
Nan & Freyr...he loves me!!
Yustan reading...take a peek at our great view
Rick & his brother Jesse
My girls!! L to R: Whitney, Jaime, Elly & Tara
Funny Faces
Freyr enjoys Perrin's remote control car going between his legs.

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Jason, Tiff and the Kids said...

Oh I love the photos of the girls!!! Whenever I miss you, I look through old photos at Women's Conference and read your sweet letters you gave us. Thank you for giving me such a lasting gift!
Love Tiff