3 January 2009

Christmas tradition...Fireworks at Southbank

On Tuesday 23rd December, as is our family tradition we all met at Southbank for a bbq dinner and swim and Christmas fireworks display. Elly and Rick were missed this year as they were visiting Rick's family. Below is a series of candid pictures from the night:
Yustan & Tara enjoy the fun atmosphere
As does Freyr...cheeky boy Rachel came all the way from Hong Kong to enjoy it with Whitney!! L to R: Rachel, Whitney, CeNedra hugging Linda, Perrin, Yustan (Tara behind) Jaime & Rob
Alvan gets a good possie!
Whitney and Tara share a quiet moment One of my favourite views from Southbank...the Temple lit up at dusk
As the time got closer to the fireworks, Freyr found himself a good seat...Nan's!!

Freyr turns 2

Freyr turned two years old on December 16th! Nan & Koro gave him a train set...he is in love with it!! He couldn't wait to get it set up (Everyone else was more than happy to help too), and just loves playing with it everyday. He also got...drum roll please...his first hair cut. He wasn't too happy to sit still, so after finding a spray water bottle (which he decided he could drink from) to appease him, the hairdresser was able to complete his first haircut. Judging by the photo of Tara, Freyr was not the only unsure participant.