13 December 2008

Alvan's boys..

Last night we had our Ward Christmas Party. Alvan is the Faith in God leader for the boys, he has 20 regular attendees. Last night they sang for the ward a song Alvan and his assistant Dean have been teaching them for about a month now. Unfortunately, not all boys were able to be there, but it was still great. P.S. the boy in the bright blue shirt at the front is one of my nephew's Riley, I'm bragging :) Enjoy

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The Ormsby's said...

The kids have watched this video a million times!!(I think they're missing their Nan and Koro) Totally impressed that you got all the boys to sing, I can't get my activity day girls to sing a christmas song. (They think they're too cool!) Love the song, where did you find it? And when did Alvan learn to play the Uke? Nath's impressed!! LOVE YOU!!