15 October 2008

Time together and with family

WEDNESDAY & THURSDAY: For our 25th Anniversary, Alvan and I headed down the Gold Coast for 4 nights. Alvan picked me up from work on Wednesday afternoon and we headed straight to Conrads Jupiters for Wednesday and Thursday night. Just time for ourselves, it was lovely...they had chilled wine and strawberries waiting for us in our room when we checked in. It was a wonderful room... a corner suite with a kingsize bed and beautiful views from our balcony. We saw the "Merchants of Bollywood" show, and enjoyed buffet breakfast both mornings and enjoyed late night hot chocolates and cake both nights. We even checked out the gym, as well as walked alot...but I think we overindulged a little too much....still you only celebrate a silver anniversary once right?
This is the surprise management had waiting for us
These pictures don't do the view justice of course. Although there was construction between us and the beach we could still see the beach easily, and it was beautiful. These of course are photos from daytime, it looked completely different at night too FRIDAY & SATURDAY: Alvan and I headed back home to pick up Whitney after school, and headed to our second destination. Reflection tower two at Coolangatta was our destination. It's a new apartment building that was only opened earlier this year. We stayed on the 18th floor in a 2 bedroom apartment. It had spectacular views. Elly and Tara's family joined us on Saturday, (Jaime ended up too sick to visit, we missed her). We had a wonderful time again, sharing this special anniversary with family was just right...we missed Nathan and his family. But couldn't help check out possible places to stay next Christmas when they visit! We tried a new topping on pizza...prawns and banana, yummy!! We strolled on and near the beach, and through some markets too.
Whitney's the king of the world!
This was the view from our living room
And this is the view from our bedroom
This was our bedroom, the bath was very deep, there was a pop up tv in the foot of the bed as well another one mounted on the wall..Alvan loved that!
Whitney's bedroom Freyr's angel face...he's playing with CeNedra's phone, but butter wouldn't melt in his mouth! Enjoying a leisurely walk along the broadwalk of Cooloongatta beach. This was a very special time, with lots of memories to enjoy for years to come. Happy 25th Anniversary Alvan, I love you.

Silver Anniversary!

This is the amazing ring Alvan got me for our silver anninversary. It was a complete surprise!! Isn't it gorgeous? I'm still in shock...and my knees still get weak when I show it to others. I absolutely love it!! Thanks honey...mwah.

Whitney the cockroach slayer!

Whitney spent last Wednesday and Thursday nights home by herself while Alvan and I took some time away together to celebrate our anniversary. Thursday night was quite the night!! Poor Whitney was traumatised by "the giant cockroach". She had to summon all her courage and finally after it following her all around the house, she killed it with one vicious blow from her pencil case. I know it's not funny....but you've got to smile. I think she became a woman....all hail Whitney, the cockroach slayer. If she can face that fear, she can do anything!!!
This is how I found her pencil case when we got home....she couldn't bring herself to move it.
This is what I found underneath...ewww.