19 April 2008

Australian Outback Spectacular

Last night we went to the Australian Outback Spectacular. It's a wonderful dinner and show. The meals were delicious, and the show was fantastic. We'd highly recommend it to anyone. It's a really fun night, with sheep mustering, horsemanship, chook races, boat races, campfire stories (which included the best recitation of "The man from Snowy River" I've ever heard), and even a helicopter! Here is the link, take a look: http://outbackspectacular.myfun.com.au This night out was Alvan's birthday present to me. He also surprised me by sending 12 stunningly gorgeous long stem red roses to my work. I was once again the envy of all the women in the office. I love were I work, everyone is so nice. They bought a cake and sang Happy Birthday to me, (which we do for every birthday in our office). And one of the secretaries went even further and bought me tim tams and a slice from the bakery, just 'cause she wanted to do something extra for me....I was really touched! It's been a great week, I finally got my uniforms on Monday(very expensive and made to measure) for work, but they look good! The Phantom of the Opera on Wednesday, Lost returned to TV on Thursday (the one show I MUST watch!), Whitney got accepted into EFY at Provo in July (before she comes home...what a blessing!). Cake and goodies at work and Outback Spectacular on Friday night. Tonight the whole family is getting together at Sizzler for dinner... wow, talk about count your many blessings...what a great week!

and listen to the Music of the Night.....

Well, after a couple of months anticipation, Alvan and I finally saw The Phantom of the Opera (his birthday present) on Wednesday night (April 16th). It was amazing!! We had Anthony Warlow, who is Australia's version of Michael Crawford...this guy really is "The Phantom of the Opera!" Everything about the show was breathtaking. The sets, the costumes, the music, the voices, the acting...absolutely fantastic. We loved it!! I cried (of course..) at the end, it was sad, and beautiful. The songs have been going round and round in my head ever since.