23 November 2008

We almost have a complete patio

Yesterday we made some definite progress! Our patio roof was almost complete, until it was discovered that two of the roof panels were damaged during delivery. So we have to wait for another 2 weeks until the supplier can replace the faulty panels, then they will go up followed by all the guttering. So close.. and yet so far!!
The boys are putting up the receiver channel (after the trusses in the roof were reinforced)
Drilling in the receiver channel... Supervising the drilling in of the receiver channel!! A good lengthways shot, shows the green guttering and the black posts.
The posts and beams are up!
Now adding the roof..
The boys are Ammon Taleni and Brent Whittaker (Nathan will remember him as Brent Little)
Enjoying the shady view
Now all we need is furniture to sit on!!
Isn't it lovely? Once the roof is finished, we have to start saving again so we can tile it and then screen it... giving us a lovely indoor/outdoor living area.

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Jason, Tiff and the Kids said...

Thank you for you sweet, encouraging comment on my blog. I miss you so much!!! The patio is looking fantastic...I wish one day Kathleen and I could be sitting with you on the patio, drinking a tall glass of lemonade and sharing stories. Enjoy your new calling, your in prayers!!!
Love Tiff