5 April 2009

How can it be April already?

So much has happened that I haven't blogged about... Highlights from the last two months:
Alvan turned 60!! We had the family come over for a surprise birthday breakfast. I love this man, he is a wonderful, loving husband, father, brother, son, friend and companion. I wish we had been in a better financial situation to do something more special to commemorate this big day. Alvan said he didn't want a big fuss, but I can't help feel he deserved it! Love you hun. xx

Whitney's tests all turned out to be good news. Her sudden loss of eyesight has been officially diagnosed as a spasm. She will have another follow up visit with the Opthamologist this week, but she hasn't had any other "episodes" so all is well.

Tara was sealed to Yustan and Freyr. It was an beautiful day....Freyr was amazing, he was so reverent and "knew" what was happening was very special. He also got a great new hair cut for the big day...which we all absolutely love!
My sister Kerrie came up from Melbourne for Tara's sealing. We had a wonderful time catching up and just spending some "down time" together. Only being 4 months apart in age we grew up best friends, our bond is very special. Thanks for coming Kerrie, I loved it. Hope it's inspired you to come up again soon.

Whitney got her partriarchal blessing!! It was a really special, personal blessing...with lots of wonderful promises for her future. Whitney had wanted her patriarchal blessing for a while now, we waited to see if her grandad would be able to give it to her (all her siblings had that wonderful opportunity), but ultimately Whitney understood who the blessing really comes from and decided she needed to not put it off any longer. Our stake patricarch is a wonderful, kind, righteous man. We are anxiously waiting for it to arrive in the mail!

March was an interesting weather month...with unprecedented rain. It seemed to rain almost every day, and when I say rain, I mean pour!! Enjoy some pictures Whitney took one afternoon of an approaching storm below. Easter is approaching very quickly!! Looking forward to spending some more quality time with family, and our traditional "Easter Feast". Workwise, Alvan is still looking...working 3 days a week as a storeman in a warehouse to keep us "treading water", and March was very demanding for my company...with very few days that were not "FULL DIARY" days. As busy and tiring as it's been, I'm ever mindful of how blessed we are for me to have this job!! It's a great company to work for, and I really do love it...if only I could do something about my commute time.

This year is almost a quarter of the way over already. How can it be April already? Before I know it, I'll be asking how can it be October already? Fasten your seat belts friends, I think this year is gonna be the fastest one yet!