19 September 2009

We're growing bananas!

A few weeks ago, we discovered the banana tree in our backyard was finally bearing fruit!! We are so excited; this is the first time we have ever grown food...and it's bananas!!! How cool is that? We've tried to take pictures regularly in anticipation of this blog entry, it's been very exciting watching the progress.... every morning it looks different. Now all the hands are out, we just have to wait about 2 months for them to ripen.... Enjoy the pics:
The flower first arrives
Then its starts to open
Here they come!
This is the tree as we see it from out patio without the zoom lens
I walked underneath it one day...and this is what it looked like...isn't beautiful?
Then the layers of hands started showing
and more layers....
and more layers....
now they are all out, just got to ripen!
close up of our yummy bananas!

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