30 August 2009

Winter on the Gold Coast

Saturday morning at Greenmount Beach, first the park, then the sand, then the surf and ended with a leisurely stroll along the beach! Why would you live anywhere else?
Freyr loved this "new" play equipment almost as much as the swings.
Funny boy, drew circles around his legs every time he stopped on the beach.
Then we walked to the rocks... can you say "1,2, 33333333"
Mother & Son (Alvan and his mum)
We "heart" the beach!
What a beautiful day!


whitney.rose; said...

wow!! who edited these???

they look great! ;D

The Ormsby's said...

How fun!! Wish we could all be there with everyone. Soon enough . . . soon enough . . . Love the picture of Alvan and Nanna.