23 June 2008

Family working bee

Work for our new patio began on Saturday 20th June, first we have to demolish before we can construct. So it was a family working bee...all the family came, the boys had a great time working jack hammers, (at least for the first few hours, I think the novelity worn off after that). But Alvan and I are extremely grateful for children who gave up there Saturday to help us out, we love you guys and appreciate all your help. Perrin cooked the pancakes for breakfast, and hot chippies were purchased for lunch. Work started just after 8am with the pulling down of the existing patio, and finally at about 4pm when all the boys were sufficently exhausted tools were downed. Leaving just a small (ish) slab of concrete left for Alvan to demolish on Monday.
work begins...first the patio has to come down
yus on the roof & dad "supervising"
two jacks are better than one...Rick and his brother Jessie
and the dust starts flying
Yustan's turn
Alvan's turn on the jack hammer....
Alvan finishing the job on Monday morning
P.S Yustan very kindly showed up around lunch time on Monday to help dad finish off the job, that last corner was a doozie! Well done everyone.

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Anonymous said...

HEY MATE!!!! Good to see you. Love your site.

Jason King