22 June 2008

Backyard works

Well we've been planning and costing things for months now, but finally the works have begun on the backyard landscaping! We are finished with week one, of a two week job and already it's looking great..starting to see the difference it will make. The first 4 pictures are before work began, and the next 4 are at the end of week one. The bottom retaining wall has been made higher, and the middle retaining wall has gone up. Note the left side has been left sloped for two reasons. 1) to allow for easy access for the lawnmower, and 2) to allow for a slide for the grandchildren (eventually!!) There will be one more smaller retaining wall at the top just behind where our new patio will go. The pegs you see in the ground on at the top of the slope are where the new patio will go out to.

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david santos said...

Really beautiful!
Happy week