7 May 2010

Women Who Inspire Me

I've been thinking a lot lately about the women who have inspired me throughout my life. Each has a special place in my heart. There are too many to name them all here; I hope each of you know who you are even if you are not mentioned. I have watched and learned so much from them, their actions and words, I think I learned the most from them when they didn't even know I was watching. I feel so blessed to have crossed paths with them in some form or another.
Nevertheless, I'm going to attempt a list:
Evelyn (My Mother), Pat, Jane, Kerrie, Zandra, Lesley, Kim, Jan, Pam, Sarah, Ana, Gina, Kathleen, Colleen, Denise, Sonya, Myra, Frances, Sheri, Marjorie, Gladys, Tiffany, Deeann, Mary, Virginia, Carolyn, Margaret, Jen, Stephanie, Naomi, Avis, Traci, Nadine, Heather, Mary-Ellen, Tara, Elly, Jaime & Whitney.
Most of these women I've been blessed to know personally; some I've only admired from afar. One woman who has inspired me in the last couple of years, I have never met. She does not even know I exist. I have followed her blog for a couple of years now, she reminds me of all that is good in my life, she reminds me to be grateful for my life and everything it involves... good & bad. It really is perspective!
Meet Stephanie, or NieNie as she is known. I wanted to upload this video for you all to watch, but my computer doesn't want to...so please take a moment to follow the link.
Isn't she amazing? I wonder if she knows how many people she must inspire? My daughter Whitney inspires many for the same sort of reason. She really gets it ... she is not defined by her hair, or lack of it. It empowers many to realize we are not our bodies, thanks to all the women who have helped me learn that. You are all different in age, race, size, knowledge, experience, but you are all important! And because I know this about you, I know I am important too!

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Jason, Tiff and the Kids said...

Happy Mother's Day! I love Stephanie's blog too. So happy for the few short years we had together in Petaluma and for our long distance moments on the computer! Love Tiff