15 May 2010

Kidnapped & Chocolate = Love

So last Monday night I was kidnapped by my girls who took me to ......... Max Brenner. It is soooo delicious, the waffles were soooo good...the chocolate was sooo thick, rich & creamy.... we all ended up with chocolate comas, but what a way to go! Can you believe after all that we still had room for some maccas.... LOL... something small to balance out all that sweetness. :)
Thanks girls, for a truly memorable Mothers Day.
Oh, and how exciting was the ride there? Jaime was driving at a standard 110 km per hour on a busy freeway, when the tyre blew out!! We called RACQ, and my darling husband came to the rescue. Once Alvan arrived we swapped cars and left him to wait for help to arrive, isn't he amazing? Tara bought him some very expensive but equally delicious Max Brenner chocolates as a thank you.
Whitney loves Max
He's the bald man who makes chocolate... I love him too!
Tara & Whitney
Elly & I sharing the love (of all things chocolate!)
Yep, she's gonna eat it!!
Strawberry & cookies crepe
THE most amazing souffle!
Who doesn't love Fondue??

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Jack Bovine said...

Wow, the picture of the waffles is reminding me that I am hungry. (Looking at food cannot make you hungry, but it can trigger a desire.)