15 January 2010

Backyard memories

Here are a few pics from just everyday hanging out times.....more to come later.
Alvan & Tama loved just sitting and cuddling together... I LOVE this pic! Van is reaching out to touch the rain as if drips from the top of the patio
Tama & Aunty Elly
Whitney told me afterwards, that as Alvan & I just sat and talked all the kids were scrambling inside to find a camera "quick" to get this shot. I love the time Alvan & I spend out on our patio.
Noah crashes for an afternoon nap with Jen
Marlee watches on..
This is a funny memory. Our bananas just don't seem to be ripening, so we thought maybe if we put a "fresh" banana in with them they might get the idea! Rick was happy to oblige. :)


rickandelly said...

I took that pic of you and dad! It was just in amongst a bunch of others, right time right place as always! :)

Jason, Tiff and the Kids said...

So cool about the bananna tree!!! I love the photo of you and Alvin sitting down. What beautiful grandkids. MISS YOU! I often reread my Women Conf. journals and can hear your voice!