11 October 2009

It's a new day for Whitney... and we joined her!

September 25th 2009, the day the scarves & hats came off for the last time! Whitney decided she's ready to be liberated, and just be who she is! As a sign of support Tara shaved her head and I cut off my long hair (work wouldn't allow me to shave). We are so proud of Whitney. She's an amazing young woman, with a complete understanding of true beauty... she inspires so many.
Mum & Whitney the night before
Tara in the hairdresser's seat, moments before it was all gone!
A midway shot... it's amazing how fast her hair came off
All gone!
Sisters united
Freyr kept pointing at his mum's hair on the floor and saying "mum, mum!"
Mum's turn.... first to go.. the pony tail!
It's very short!
Whitney & Mum straight after.
All three together
We went to Harbourtown afterwards for her first outing... and lunched at fasta pasta

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