3 January 2009

Christmas tradition...Fireworks at Southbank

On Tuesday 23rd December, as is our family tradition we all met at Southbank for a bbq dinner and swim and Christmas fireworks display. Elly and Rick were missed this year as they were visiting Rick's family. Below is a series of candid pictures from the night:
Yustan & Tara enjoy the fun atmosphere
As does Freyr...cheeky boy Rachel came all the way from Hong Kong to enjoy it with Whitney!! L to R: Rachel, Whitney, CeNedra hugging Linda, Perrin, Yustan (Tara behind) Jaime & Rob
Alvan gets a good possie!
Whitney and Tara share a quiet moment One of my favourite views from Southbank...the Temple lit up at dusk
As the time got closer to the fireworks, Freyr found himself a good seat...Nan's!!

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