15 October 2008

Whitney the cockroach slayer!

Whitney spent last Wednesday and Thursday nights home by herself while Alvan and I took some time away together to celebrate our anniversary. Thursday night was quite the night!! Poor Whitney was traumatised by "the giant cockroach". She had to summon all her courage and finally after it following her all around the house, she killed it with one vicious blow from her pencil case. I know it's not funny....but you've got to smile. I think she became a woman....all hail Whitney, the cockroach slayer. If she can face that fear, she can do anything!!!
This is how I found her pencil case when we got home....she couldn't bring herself to move it.
This is what I found underneath...ewww.


rickandelly said...

she's tuff stuff our nitney! I'm so proud of our little baby!

rickandelly said...

I'm jealous :)