27 September 2008

Patio update

We have been making progress... our new concrete patio has been laid, and we are currently getting final quotes for the roof. Actually it was finished about 3 weeks ago, we have enjoyed several breakfasts out there already.We hope construction of the roof will be completed by the end of October, fingers crossed council approval will not take too long.
This is the yard all levelled ready for the slab to go down, but we had to add about 60 inches of height to the ground first.
The slab is boxed out, and gravel added for foundation and height
The "Reo" (reinforcing wire thingy) is in place ready for the concrete to be poured
The truck arrives and the pump is put in place (over the top of the garage)
pouring begins
levelling as they go
our fresh new patio slab is in place
I'm pretty sure you could land a small aircraft on it
Whitney tries it out

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