20 July 2008

Backyard update

The three retaining walls are finished and have been filled with soil, ready for: bark & vegetable garden on the bottom level, grass on the middle level, and our the concrete slab for our new and improved patio on the top level. Freyr was out exploring the new backyard the other day, so it was a timely reminder to get some snaps to update the blog.

To give you an idea of the size of this construction...this is the top level, which is also the smallest wall by far.
Freyr and Koro playing in the dirt!
This pic shows Freyr at the top level of our newly "tiered" backyard.
This one shows Freyr playing on the flat back section that will soon have a very large concrete slab for the patio.
These two pics show where the stairs will go eventually, but they also show nicely the three levels of walls.

This is the side where there will eventually be a slide for the grandkids to go down on.

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the Ormsby's said...

Lookin' good! I'm impressed at all of that work. Can't wait to see a garden, and the patio poured. It'll be beautiful.