1 December 2007

Busy, busy, busy

Well, I've made it through my first full week at work, it is such a big role with so much to learn, but I really am enjoying the challenge. Everyone at the practice is very nice, and have been very kind and patient with me. I am gone from home about 11.5 hours a day, as I actually catch the 6.53am train in the morning, and in the evening my train arrives in at 6pm...add the 10 minutes at each end to get to the train station and home and it makes for a long day. (Especially, if I don't get a seat on the train)! Here is the website for my work take a look around: www.heartcarepartners.com.au Alvan's work has been very busy too, with a couple call outs in the middle of the night in the last month. His working days are getting longer too, with all the "fires" (of the software kind) they have been fighting lately. We love spending quiet nights at home together now, starting to get old I guess! LOL. And Saturday's are always chocka block now trying to fit everything in that I used to have 6 days for. But we are so grateful to a loving Heavenly Father who is blessing us with these opportunities. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner here last Sunday night with all the family (except Nathan & his clan and Whitney, who of course had their own thanksgiving). I cooked my very first whole turkey from scratch with home made stuffing and everything...it was yummy!

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the Ormsby's said...

I am impressed! A whole turkey, that's no small feat. Thanks for calling Marlee on her birthday, she loved it!