21 November 2007

I got a job!!!

It's official miracles do happen! LOL... Heavenly Father has really blessed us by helping me get an amazing job. I start tomorrow. I will be a Telephonist/Receptionist for a Cardiologist practice called Heart Care Partners. It is a full time job, 8.30am - 5pm Monday to Friday. I will be commuting on the train back and forth each day, so I'll have to leave home at 7.15 each morning, and get home every evening around 6.15. This is the beginning of a new chapter in my life..... wish me luck!

California Pics

Time to add those long waited for photos from CA. Of course there are more to come, but I thought some is better than none. Photos are: Whitney & Freyr Whitney & Thea coming out of school Alvan & Whitney about to go paddling on Lokahi outrigger Middletown Ward's Halloween party Tara as Red Riding Hood & Freyr as Scarecrow Whitney as a washer

Alvan's missionary reunion

Alvan and I were blessed to attend the 40th anniversary of the establishment of the Philippines mission, which he was one of the early missionary there. One of Alvan's favourite places there was Legaspi (which he opened), where he served with 3 other missionaries, sharing one apartment. This was the first time they had all been together since then.... It was so wonderful for them all. And great for Alvan to catch up with so many others as well. The photo is of Elders Clark, Bennett, Ormsby and Palmer.

8 November 2007

Picture of our house

We forgot to take a photo of our new home with us to the States to show everyone, so here it is! We love our little home, and the view is priceless!

7 November 2007

Here I go

I have found Blogging to be a great way to keep in touch with all our loved ones all over the world, so thought it was time to dive in too! Alvan and I just returned home from a wonderful 4 weeks trip to the States. We were blessed enough to spend time with family and friends, and make memories we will treasure for years to come. I've included some of the great photos from our time there. These are just a few from Utah, more will follow, including pics of Whitney from California.