15 January 2010

Backyard memories

Here are a few pics from just everyday hanging out times.....more to come later.
Alvan & Tama loved just sitting and cuddling together... I LOVE this pic! Van is reaching out to touch the rain as if drips from the top of the patio
Tama & Aunty Elly
Whitney told me afterwards, that as Alvan & I just sat and talked all the kids were scrambling inside to find a camera "quick" to get this shot. I love the time Alvan & I spend out on our patio.
Noah crashes for an afternoon nap with Jen
Marlee watches on..
This is a funny memory. Our bananas just don't seem to be ripening, so we thought maybe if we put a "fresh" banana in with them they might get the idea! Rick was happy to oblige. :)

10 January 2010

New Years Eve at Southbank

The Ormsbys love Southbank, and couldn't wait to take the "Utah" grandkids/nephews & niece/cousins there! We arrived early in the afternoon of New Years Eve, and spent hours playing in the "beach" and rockpools. Karen's sister Kerrie and her family from Melbourne were also there. We staked out our acreage early to have prime position seating for the fireworks display. It was a wonderful afternoon/evening. Thanks to Kerrie & Frank for the glowsticks that kept the kids amused in the dark while waiting for the show to begin.
Jai had a blue slurpee!
Tara read!
Elly played with Noah
Van enjoyed an orange
Noah loved his glowstick
Freyr loved the water
Jenn & Nate enjoyed having another photo taken

Christmas Day

Everyone arrived bright and early to open presents, lots of surprises, smiles and laughter prevailed.
A quick trip to the beach before lunch, pretty great way to spend time together hey?

Ormsbys Summer begins...

Well, it's gonna take a few posts to get everything up. But the journey begins with the first step right? Nathan, Jenny, Marlee, Noah, Vance & Elijah arrived December 23rd.
Elly & Rick waiting at the airport
Alvan & Karen anxiously waiting
Whitney too!
Freyr (aka spiderman) waits to meet his cousins!
They're here!!!!!
Enjoying some time on the back patio, before bedtime
Van enjoying one of his freddo frogs
Noah playing with Freyr's toolkit